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We love iBooks, but when we stopped for a moment and looked at the standard bookshelf provided we thought it was actually quite dull.

So we thought, well, what if you had the option to customise your bookshelf? After all that is what the iPhone is all about, so it seems strange that Apple has not provided this option already.

We then thought this could be the perfect opportunity for a global furniture brand to partner with Apple to showcase their catalogue whilst allowing the iPhone user full customisation of their iBooks appearance.

And being an IKEA roster agency, IKEA was a perfect partner.

But we didn't stop there! If you can customise your bookshelf, then why not be able to customise what's on it? Once we got thinking we got pretty excited by the possibilities and think there is real potential for this to be a huge global partnership.

This document demonstrates what can be achieved with a bit of imagination.

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