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Although we’ve had private healthcare in this country since the formation of the NHS in 1948, the idea of private online GPs is a new phenomenon.

However, it is a market that is about to explode and already there are a number of new players with big backing entering the market.

Dr Morton’s was set up by doctors and needed to put themselves in the game – first priority was brand recognition, so getting an above the line campaign out with PR was essential.

However, this is a new concept to consumers, who currently don’t know there is an alternative, so we needed to highlight the facts, especially the channels (this isn’t app based).


The second poster was designed to align the service with the NHS so it wasn’t criticized as undermining it – a common complaint from left wing groups.

It is expected that this sector will soon escalate into a battle for market share, so we are currently working on a powerful new through the line campaign led by TV and outdoor.

PR Stunt

We took the advertising idea and turned it into a live event. We took 10 chairs to different locations in London and challenged people to sit for 20 minutes in a chair (the average wait time in a surgery waiting room).

The event got a lot of attention and attracted some very positive PR coverage.

In January we are planning a more dramatic Big Brother style event and challenging people to sit for a week to win a big prize – the average time you wait to get an appointment.

Meanwhile look out for telephone boxes dressed up like the Tardis, where you can call a real doctor for free!

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