What Air Travel Might Look Like in 2026

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Original article on PSFK. Concept from design consultancy Teague.

It’s 2026, and you’re on your way to a long-awaited vacation. You’re eager for the trip: you’re going to an island full of wildlife and crystalline waters, and you’ve been traveling enough for business to have racked up enough Poppi membership points for an upgrade to cinema class.

(Normally, you travel commuter flights “click class.” Your business luggage snaps into the overhead bin, so you’re in and out in as quick as can be.)

You check the Poppi app the night before you board: you did book the flight last minute, and got stuck with the middle seat. This flight, it’s sponsored by Uniqlo. Normally you enjoy your brand-sponsored middle seat gift but you have a feeling it’s going to be an autumn inspired scarf, and, well, your scarf collection is bad enough as is. Luckily, someone has posted a window seat up for swap on the social app (she has a thing for scarves, she writes). With a few quick messages, the two of you agree to the swap. You get a notification of your new seat by the window, and sleep peacefully.

You drop off your bags at the rail station near home in the morning, and head to the airport, carrying nothing but a light bag with your laptop and of course, your favorite straw hat. It’s miserable weather, but you’re going to greener places. You browse the magazine stands in the airport until your phone pings that your seat section is ready for boarding, then head to the gate.

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Before you settle into the cozy seats of cinema class, you head to the in-flight vending machine and pick up a few snacks: rainbow-colored candy and kale chips in a bag.

Then you’re ready for the feature film. Today, it’s a premier of a film starring that foreign starlet Twitter can’t get enough of. The lights dim, and you’re whisked away to another world.

When the film ends, you enjoy the complimentary champagne while you cloud-gaze out the window.

After you arrive, you stroll out of the airport with nothing but your hat on your head and bag on your shoulder. You treated yourself to the hotel luggage delivery with your reward points. (Normally, it’s easy enough anyway: your app alerts you when your digitally tracked suitcase is ready for pick-up.)

As always, Poppi sends you an after-flight thank you. Your bag awaits you at the hotel. You take a refreshing long nap, then go for a walk in the gorgeous tropical air.

Original article on PSFK. Concept from design consultancy Teague.

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